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/ EVENT 06 October 2015

In the past 2 and 3 of October took place, at the Grand Hotel of Luso, the XXXI Plastics Conference.

This initiative of APIP the Portuguese Plastics Industry Association, gathers every year board members and senior executives of the plastics industry (manufacturers and suppliers of materials, equipment and services).

The Conference is an interesting exchange, discussion and networking forum, where the latest trends in technology and management are presented.

Actio Consulting was once again present, with a presentation on "Lean Logistics".

Lean Logistics provides a response to the current competitive environment, which requires an excellent customer service with reduced inventory. This can only be achieved by accelerating the flow of materials, according to customer demand.

Unlike the usual internal logistics supply systems, lean logistics moves small amounts of material, in high frequency, standard routes. This results in lower inventory levels, higher labor productivity and working places free of materials.