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23 January 2018

Nowadays, more than ever before, the amount of data collected on the shop floor is huge. MGI Coutier relies on Actio Consulting and Minitab® to make the most of it.

Total number of finished parts. Defective rate. Mean and standard deviation of dimensional parameters. OEE. Process Capability. The amount of data and KPI’s collected from the shop floor is getting bigger and bigger by the day. And so is the need to have responsive analytical processes, capable of transforming that data into relevant business insights.

MGI Coutier is aware of that challenge and requested Actio Consulting support. This global supplier of automotive parts aims to incorporate on their daily routines state-of-the-art data analysis techniques. The company uses Minitab®, the most recognized statistical software among automotive manufacturers, used by more than 90% of Fortune 500 listed firms. Learn more about Minitab® here.

The first training session took place in November 2017. It was attended by personnel from MGI’s Vigo plant, including staff from Quality, Metrology and IT departments. The main topic covered was how to program session commands and macros in Minitab® in order to simplify large and repetitive data analysis.

The training was very practical. Participants brought real-life data sets and managed to solve their own problems immediately using the contents learned. For instance, the time needed to perform 30 different Capability Analysis was substantially reduced by making them simultaneous through a macro. Additionally, exporting values to Microsoft Excel® for further analysis was also extremely simplified.

The quickly achieved benefits generated high levels of satisfaction among participants. As a result, a new training session has already been appointed – this turn in Paredes de Coura plant, in Portugal.

If you are facing similar challenges and you are looking to reduce time spent in data analysis, feel free to contact us.