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10 May 2017

Efacecís Medium and High Tension Switchgear Unit set up a value stream improvement project with Actio.

This project has a wide scope and involves all of the unitís departments. This project has a goal of improving both capacity and efficiency, by improving the service level, all to increase customer satisfaction. From the internal perspective it aims at improving the ROI.

Given itís scope this project started by analyzing the current state of the processes, which allowed, from the start, to identify improvement opportunities. But, to fully unlock all the improvement potential, the next step was to draw the future state map, from a blank sheet of paper, looking for the maximum efficiency and the biggest lead time reduction.

At this point was decided to improve all the process (from the initial request to expedition), with the exception of the assembly operations. The assembly operations were already the focus of other improvement efforts, and its contribution to the global lead time was one of the smallestís, thus given way to this orientation. The next step of the project was to validate the future state drawn by team and to plan its implementation. Given the changes to be made, the team gave way to subprojects.

Each subproject has a team, a leader and a sponsor. The teams have been using A3 thinking: each teamís mission was wrote down in an A3 report and the teams work is following the steps of this methodology. The subprojects are now getting into their implementation phase, to be concluded by October 2017