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/ PROJECT 09 June 2017

Mendes Gonçalves, a leading company in the production of sauces and spices, implements Lean in its industrial operations.

Mendes Gonçalves, founded in 1982, is a company based in Golegã, Portugal, specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of food products such as vinegar, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and chili sauce, among others.
In addition to its own brands Paladin, Creative and Peninsular, Mendes Gonçalves also produces and packs for other brands such as McDonald's, Continente and Pingo Doce.

The company has been investing in innovation and new product development, and in improving quality and the efficiency of its production system.
Regarding this last aspect, the company has decided to apply Lean methodologies to its production operations having established, with the support of Actio Consulting, a training program with a strong practical content. Its main goals are:

• Increasing the level of knowledge of the operations staff in Lean and continuous improvement.
• Identifying opportunities for improvement.
• Implementing improvement actions with impact on operating results.
• Laying the foundations for the implementation of a continuous improvement culture.

The ongoing training program covers aspects such as identification and elimination of waste, organization of work areas in a visual management perspective, supply of materials, production changeover, equipment effectiveness and process synchronization.

The program involves managers and supervisors of manufacturing and logistics, who are to implement improvement actions in their areas of responsibility.