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/ EVENT 19 May 2015

Actio Consulting had a major role in the seminar held in Ferrol, Spain, on the application of lean to the shipbuilding industry.

On the 5th of May took place in Ferrol the first Lean Shipbuilding Seminar, sponsored by Aclunaga - the Shipbuilding Cluster of Galicia. More than 60 people, top managers and staff of the industry, attended the seminar.

Actio Consulting took part in this event, presenting cases of successful application of lean in shipbuilding and conducting several practical activities. In these, participants were able to simulate the results of the application of lean to shipbuilding, and to discuss the opportunities and difficulties of its application in this particular context. Aclunaga carried out this seminar as the first step in developing a strategic plan for the implementation of lean in the Galician industry.

The european shipbuilding industry has undergone profound changes in recent years due to the economic crisis and to fierce competition from asian competitors. European shipyards have not been able to compete with Korean, Japanese and Chinese companies on cost and delivery time. As a result, there has been a dramatic reduction in new orders which led to the closure of many shipyards. The application of lean concepts to ship design and building, with proven results in leading companies worldwide, will enable European companies to recover their competitiveness.