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/ Project 29 February 2016
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Grilo is a Portuguese SME that produces and sells bakeware, cookware and kitchen tools. It holds several brands and sells through different channels: online shop, large retail and traditional commerce.

The challenges these markets generate, each one with its own specificities, associated with strong competition and the exposure to the fluctuation of the prices of raw materials, lead Grilo to pursuit new ways of organizing its operations.

From the necessity above described came the partnership with Actio, started up with a training session. This moment of sharing and reflection about Added Value/Waste and the Lean principles sowed the seed for a new way of working that Grilo has been developing, with successes and some tough moments, but always with passion! We have been supporting this project over the last 4 years, through which Grilo processes became more agile and efficient, with less capital need and an improved service level. This is a demonstration of the applicability and the payback of the practice of Lean in companies where the material resources are not aplenty and the size of the teams is restrained. In future news we will share some practical examples and some key points of this process.