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10 May 2018
Operational Excellence at Nanta with Actio Consulting  

Actio Consulting collaborates with Nanta, part of the Nutreco group, world leader in animal nutrition, in the implementation of its corporate operational excellence program MWP.

Nutreco is a leading global group in the development, manufacture and distribution of animal feed, with direct presence in 30 countries and employing more than 9,700 people. Its subsidiary Nanta has 19 industrial units in the Iberian Peninsula.

Nutreco, as part of its operational excellence strategy, has developed its corporate operational excellence program MWP My Work Place, which aims to improve the working conditions and performance of its industrial units. This program includes the organization of workplaces according to 5S, problem solving, focused improvement (Kobetsu) and SIM - Short Interval Management.

In a restricted group of Nanta units in the Iberian Peninsula, a pilot MWP implementation has just started, with the professional support of Actio Consulting, in collaboration with our partner Axium Performance.