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/ PROJECT 23 March 2016

Greif is the world leader in the container and packaging accessories industry, operating in over 50 countries.

By the end of 2015, the portuguese plant started an improvement workshop (or Green Team, as Greif labels them) to target microstoppages in a conic drums manufacturing line, with the support of Actio Consulting, who had previously worked at one of Greif's manufacturing facilities in Spain.

The two main goals were to improve OEE by reducing microstoppages and to decrease the number of non-recorded stoppages by line operators (necessary to “talk with data” when analyzing the progress of the line). The specific targets were to achieve, within three months: - An improvement of OEE by 2%, initially at 83% (already state of the art in the sector). - A reduction by 50% in both number and time of non-registered stoppages – 62% and 42% of the total line stoppages, respectively.

Applying Actio’s problem solving methodology, the necessary steps were taken to clearly understand the main problems and difficulties. This way, effective but simple improvement actions could be successfully implemented.

One and a half months later, OEE has improved by 1.2% and non-recorded stoppages were reduced by 91% in idle time and by 74% in number of occurrences. Besides the obvious benefit of increasing uptime by improving OEE, Greif can now have a clear view of the impact of each type of stoppage. The ingredients included in this success recipe were the dynamics made possible by the improvement workshop approach, the working conditions provided by Greif, the dedication of the working team and the utilization of a proven methodology.