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/ Event 18 April 2015
Actio Consulting delivers training at CEAGA's Team Leader Development Program

Leadership of the shop floor (Gemba) where value is added, is a key factor for a successful implementation of Lean. In this context the role ofTeam Leader is of upmost importance.

Given this reality, CEAGA (the Automotive Cluster of Galicia, Spain), has decided to offer a specific training program for this first hierarchical level.

This training, of short duration and very practical in nature, aims at providing students the technical, communication and leadership skills necessary to a better performance. Team Leaders are suposed, following the training, to solve problems, improve processes and implement standardized work together with their teams.

Actio Consulting participates in this training since its inception, delivering the technical contents related to Lean Manufacturing.

Following the success of the first edition, two classes are currently taking place and more are due until the end of the year.