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01 Assessment
and Strategy
  • 01. Understand business
  • 02. Assess current situation
  • 03. Identify opportunities
  • 04. Develop a future state vision
Assessment<br/> and Strategy
02 Implementation
  • 01. Plan
  • 02. Ensure Support
  • 03. Test Solutions
  • 04. Validate Results
03 Sustainability
  • 01. Measure KPIs
  • 02. Deploy to other areas
  • 03. Sustain improvement
CASE STUDIES Learn about the RESULTS of our activities
Assessment and Strategy

Defining the most efficient transformation strategy, built on the assessment of the current status, on the identification of all improvement opportunities and on the definition of a future vision for the processes.


Process transformation activities, according to the strategy defined during the assessment phase, in which internal teams are guided and coached by a consultant.


Follow-up and coaching activities aiming at progressively increase the organization’s autonomy in order to implement a true Continuous Improvement culture.